Testing a Really Hyped Up Brow Product


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

I was on the lookout for some new makeup, especially a brow product, since the shades I have are either too pale or too dark at the moment.

My local Superdrug sells Wunderbrow products, and they had an offer on where if you spent £25 or more you got a free eyebrow brush. The eyebrow gel cost me £19.95, and I got the shade blonde, praying that it wouldn’t be too yellow-toned.

I have been using the gel for about two weeks now and it has been hit and miss at times. We’ve all seen the adverts where these beautiful models apply the product really easily and their brows look flawless.

The first time that I tried this, I followed the instructions and applied it straight from the applicator, and blended it out with the spooly on the brush. This gave me very cartoon-ish looking brows that were way too thick and gloopy.

The next day, I started using the brush. I would dip my brush into the product on the applicator and apply it lightly to the areas that needed it. I brushed the excess into the rest of the brow. This gave the best result. However I have noticed that if you apply too much, it’s really hard to put right since the product dries really quickly.

As for the product being smudge-proof and waterproof. This is true. I did the rubbing my finger along the brows test and nothing budged. And as I told you the other day, I accidently left my makeup on in the bath the other day, and my brows were the only thing left in tact.

Overall, I do enjoy using this product, and I hope that my skill with it will improve over time.

Have you tried using the Wunderbrow gel? What has your experience with it been?

I hope that you all have a lovely day, and take care.



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