Smashbox Master Class Palette: First Impressions


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

This was a palette that I was never going to buy. It was £70 when it first launched around Christmas and I thought that it was far too expensive for what you got. Well…. it jumped down to £24.50 pretty quickly. The dark part of me wondered if this was due to the quality not quite being Smashbox’s usual standard.

However I had £13 worth of points on my Boots card and noticed a few of these palettes in the Clearance section for £12. A £70 palette for just £12…… I kinda had to buy it for that price. You know, for research purposes!

The palette itself looks huge in the packaging, but it folds in half and looks like a book. However you can take each of the palettes out if you want to travel light without the outer box. If these shadows turn out to be good, this may be a good option for holidays.

In the palette, you get sixteen eyeshadows; if you include the transformer shades; four shades being matte. The matte shades are perfect for any look that work with all the shimmers, which range from neutrals to brights. The transformer shades can be worn on top of the other shadows to change the shade slightly, although you could wear them on their own as highlight shades.  They all look so pretty in the pan.

I tried to get as many shades on my eye as possible to give this a fair shot. I used Vanilla to set my eyes, then mixed Nude and Hazelnut in my crease. In the outer corner I buffed out the shade Plummy, taking the excess into the crease. On the lid I packed the shade Over Baked, and i took this shade along the lower lash line along with a touch of Plummy. In the inner corner I took Washed Out and blended this into the shimmery purple. Over this I blended out the shade Strange Magic to intensify the highlight slightly. Overall I found the eyeshadows easy to work with, and the pigment was just enough to look pretty, without being over the top. I really enjoyed working with them.

For cheek shades you get two shimmery highlights, two blushers, a bronzer, a contour shade and a matte highlight. The contour and bronzer would only be ideal for light to medium skin tones, or you could use these as eyeshadows. the contour is perfect for my skin tone and blended out so well. The blushers are beautiful; I used the shade Guava today and I think I have a new favourite. It is stunning! For highlighter I used the shade Fuse Blown, which matched the blush perfect and created a natural shimmery highlight.  All of these shades were amazing to work with.

As for the lipsticks, I actually have the majority of these shades in their original lipstick form, and I love Smashbox lipsticks anyway. I did find in the palette that they were slightly tricky to work with but that could just be me not used to using lip brushes. I’ll keep practising and get back to you on that.


Overall I really do like this so far, however I would not have paid full price for it. I’m glad that I got a bargain on it. If you can still get this where you live, definitely check it out.

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



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