The Eye Product Addict Tag Update 2018

Hi guys, how are you all today?

I created the Eye Products Addict Tag back in 2014, and I have done an update of it every year (2 of them probably got destroyed in the recent purge however). My original one can stgill be found here on the original blog. I actually still love the layout of my Weebly blog, but it wasn’t really that visible on that platform. I much prefer the community of WordPress.

So here I am with an update for the new year. If you would like to take part, I will leave a copy of the questions down below.

Favourite Neutrals Palette?

My favourite neutrals palette was quite tricky to pick; I have that many. But the one that I keep reaching for is the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I love warm tones on my eyes when it comes to neutrals and this palette so so different from anything else that I own. It is stunning.

What is your best luxury brand dupe product?

I don’t have a lot of dupe products these days because I tend to keep just the products that I love, and try to get rid of any similar items. However, the one that I have kept is the Makeup revolution Iconic Division Reloaded Palette. This is such a shameless dupe of the ABH Subculture palette. I did a post comparing these a while ago and there is honestly no difference apart from the amount of pigment that flies off the brush. I love both of these palettes, but if you honestly want something cheaper, go for the Makeup Revolution one.

Do Primers actually Make a Difference?

In the case for longevity, yes, some primers do make a massive difference. The Body Shop Instablur makes a massive difference to the longevity of your eyeshadow. However, where I don’t think they make a difference is with the intensity of the shadow. You can intensify the pigment by dampening your brush. You don’t need a primer to do this.

Most Disappointing Product?

I do tend to keep products that I love, but there are a couple of disappointments that slip through the gaps. As much as I love the Urban Decay palettes, I really don’t like the singles. I find that they don’t blend as easily and are a bit more patchy than the palette formulas. The shade Loaded is really bad for this, which is so disappointing because it is such a stunning colour in the pan.

What is your favourite eye look that you have created?

This was so hard to choose! My favourite series of looks were my Sara J Maas ones. I loved my Feyre and Starfall looks, and it was so much fun creating makeup looks for all the courts.

What is on your Eyeshadow Wishlist?

I will never stop purchasing eyeshadow palettes. they are my favourite thing to use and collect. The one that I really want is the Too Faced Gold Chocolate Bar. It looks so pretty but my past experiences with Too faced palettes holds me back from buying it; they go hard pan super quick and are a huge struggle to use. Maybe this one is different but it’s a huge expense if I turn out to be right.

Best Mascara

I have three favourites. They all have similar looks in the end; long, thick, false looking lashes. They just make me feel that little bit more glamorous without doing much. And they are the Lancome Monsieur Big, Dior Pump n’ Volume and the Essense Lash Princess. One is certainly cheaper than the others, but I love them all.

Best for Brows?

I’ve been going very low maintenance with my brows lately, choosing just to run a mascara through them rather than use pomades and pencils. My favourite brow mascara is the Lancome Sourcil Styler. I do need a paler colour, but I love the brush on this. It makes it so easy to grab every hair and style it the way you want.

What is the most Expensive product that you own?

I recently sold my Natasha Denona palette so the most expensive product, if I had paid full price for it, is the Smashbox Master Class Palette. This bugger costs £70, and I paid £12. It isn’t my favourite palette, but it is quite nice.

Worst Eye Sin

Mine is definitely not hrowing out my mascaras after 6 months. I’ve had some for nearly two years. However they don’t make my eyes water, so they must still be okay. I know it’s icky, and I should throw them out, but some of them are quite expensive.

The one that you’d take on holiday?

I couldn’t decide between two. I like palettes with a choice of colour and neutrals, and the two that are slimline enough to fit in a case are the Kat Von D saints and Sinners palette, and the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette. Both of these are so beautiful and wouldn’t weigh too much in hand luggage.


Something Special?

Something that I did want to mention was the palette that Mark bought me. It is the Kat Von D Chrysallis Palette. I would never get rid of this, and the colours are beautiful in it.

And that is the updated tag. If you would like to take part, please share your posts with me. I would love to read your answers.

Have a lovely day, and take care.



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