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April Favourites


Hi guys,

How are you all today?

Today I wanted to share some of my makeup and life favourites from the past month. There have been quite a few; I think it’s safe to say that I broke my no-spend rule quite badly! However in my defence, it was (mostly) stuff that needed replacing.

So without further adieu, here are my monthly favourites.

CYO Meet Your Matte Powder

After the really annoying, quick to hit pan powder that was the Wunder2 Perfect Selfie ran out, I wanted to try a cheaper alternative. My friend Danny recommended this and it is amazing. This is perfect for setting the whole face, including under the eyes. Even though it is sold as a matte powder, it is not a harsh matte that really emphasises fine lines under the eyes. I do feel that a little powder goes a long way and it leaves a nice dry surface for all my other products to blend into. For £4, this has been amazing.

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

I have been desperate to try this for months, but my local Superdrug only ever stocked the darker shades. Luckily they had one shade C4 left this month, and I took my chance, and bought it. A little concealer goes a long way with this, and it looks amazing! I don’t have any issues with creasing with this and it looks beautiful for such a long time. Again, this is a very affordable product that I will repurchase once it runs out.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Lipsticks

I have tried to avoid buying any new lipsticks over the past few months, which has made me try a few of my older ones. Since I’ve started doing night shifts again, I’ve been wearing more glossy formulas. The ultimate favourites have been the Gen Nude collection from Bare Minerals, particularly the shade Mantra; it’s the perfect everyday pinky nude. I get such dry lips on night shifts, and these add some much needed moisture to my dehydrated lips. I love them!

Cien Makeup Wipes for Sensitive Skin

These are amazing for a quick cleanup if you have missed any makeup after an oil cleanse. They haven’t set my skin off in dry patches or given me weird blemishes. For the price these are a lot better than more well known brands. If you do have sensitive skin, I would suggest buying some of these. I’ve really enjoyed using them this month.

Benefit 3D Brow Tones

Since my favourite brow product was a tad bit dark, I started using these as brow mascaras. Yeah, I know the 3D Brow Tones is just meant to enhance the other products on your brows, but it was the perfect fair brow shade. It added enough colour to make them stand out, but they didn’t look harsh or fake. This has been an absolute life saver lately, and I love it.

CYO When the Sun Don’t Shine Bronzer

If you are looking for a super cheap, good quality bronzer, CYO’s formula is amazing! These blend out so well. They are quite warm toned, so they’re not ideal for contouring, however they are a beautiful matte bronzer, and it lasts a really long time on the skin.

Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette in Exhilarate

This is so beautiful! The shades are so pretty and glittery. For a very girly pop of glitter to the eyes, this palette is perfect. You do get a few mattes on the bottom to act as transitions, which is nice, but the glitters are the stars of the show. They apply really pigmented, wet or dry, and last a really decent time on the lids. I tend to use this palette as my inner corner highlight, or to act as a wash of colour all over the lid. It is so pretty!

Cien Waterproof Mascara

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with watery eyes again so I needed to grab a waterproof mascara. When I was in Lidl I noticed their own brand of makeup had a waterproof mascara, and for £1.99 I thought it was worth giving a go. This is a really good waterproof formula for everyday natural makeup looks. You won’t get dramatic eye looks with this; it gives a very natural look. But it does what it says and keeps my mascara from smudging during those watery eye moments.

Blistex Medplus

This is by far the best lip balm that actually works! This does an amazing job at healing really dry and chapped lips. My lips have been so dry lately and this is the only thing that seems to work on them. I don’t use it every day, but I really should, considering how dry my lips are on the days I forget to use this.

So those are all of my favourites from April. What have you been loving this month?

Have a lovely day.




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