Colour Pop Dream St Review


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

I was browsing Depop again on payday (as I do) and came across this Colourpop palette. I love Kathleen Lights on YouTube; she is such a sweet woman and her tutorials are amazing. She’s really talented. And I was very excited when she released a palette with Colour Pop.

I have never tried Colour Pop shadows before, although I have really wanted to. The colours in this screamed to me; it’s chock full of bronze and teal shades (seriously… love at first sight!).

This is still available on Colour Pop’s website for $16. I was a bit nervous about customs costs so I waited for someone to sell this on Depop; yes it is a genuine palette.

This palette looks stunning both inside and out. The white and gold marble effect looks so pretty and classy, and it matches the shades inside.

The shades themselves are a variety of mattes, shimmers, satin and pure glitter, so you could do a full look with this one palette. The mattes are some of my favourite formulas. They blend out so easily but give off such a rich pigment. I don’t have many red eyeshadows, but I love the red tone in this palette; it is stunning in the crease matched with the green shade.

The shimmers and satin shades are also really easy to work with. You get amazing colour payout without digging your brush into the shadow. One swipe is usually enough to give you enough pigment to cover your lid. I tend to pack these onto the lid with my finger or a synthetic eyeshadow brush.

As for the glittery shades, these can be tricky to work with, with a dry brush. You get a lot of fallout and they can apply crumbly at times. However if you dampen your brush prior to applying, they’re a lot easier to work with.

I have had this palette now for just over two months, and I am still finding new ways to wear every shadow. The possibilities seem endless!

Have you tried this palette; what are your thoughts?

Have an amazing day guys, and take care!



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