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First Impressions of Revolution Pro


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

As per usual after a night shift stint, I felt spendy one day and took myself to Superdrug. I noticed that the usual Freedom Makeup stand was gone and replaced by something that I’ve been excited to try. Revolution has released their new Pro line.

This range has replaced Freedom; some of the products have been repackaged and kept on, but there’s a lot of new items to try out. I wish that I could have grabbed everything but unfortunately I’m not made of money. I grabbed some of the main things that intrigued me the most.

Some products did work better for me than others, and I will get to each product in turn. Before I get onto the firs impressions though, I want to apologise for the state of my hair. This was taken after a nice relaxing bath, and I genuinely couldn’t be bothered to style my hair.

Full Coverage Camouflage Foundation- £7

When I swatched this, I had a feeling it might feel quite drying on my skin, so I used it with the Kat Von D Lock-It Primer. This adds a lot of hydration to the skin and it worked really well with this foundation. This foundation gives really good coverage without looking too heavy. Yes, it feels thick, but it blends out really easily.

Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment- £4

I haven’t tried these on but I loved the way that these swatch on the back of my hand. They do take a while to dry down so be careful with smudging when you first apply otherwise your face could look like the back of my hand. This was just from drying my hair! The formula does appear really hydrating though and quite thin (yet pigmented), and I can’t wait to try these out on my lips.

Update: Okay, I have now tried these on. On the lips, these do initially apply really sticky and tacky, however once they have dried they feel really creamy but are not transferrable at all. If you are looking for a truly kiss-proof formula, these are fantastic!


Glitter Eyeshadows- £6 per set of 5

These look so pretty in the pan, and do look lovely when swatched on the fingers. However they are so patchy and dusty to apply to the lids. It just looked like chunky glitter on my lid, and even spraying with a setting spray didn’t help the situation. I also found that these fell off in clumps off the eyelid. I really wanted to like these too, but they’re just awful to work with.

Eyeshadows- £5

The regular eyeshadows on the other hand are stunning. They blend out really easily and apply to the lids without any issues of clumping. They aren’t the longest lasting formula, however for an everyday casual look they are fine. I still prefer the regular Revolution palettes over these singles.

Magnetic Palette- £8

I bought the medium palette, which is a really nice travel sized palette. I will be getting rid of some of the glitter shadows, and I will use this palette for other singles. I am thinking of taking this on holiday, if I can find some single shadows to take. I love how you can see the shades through the lid; you can easily find which shades that you’re looking for.

Pro Supreme Lipstick- £4

I love this formula of lipstick! They apply really easily to the lips and last such a long time. They appear to have a very semi-matte/satin finish, which I love. They feel really hydrating and the colour range is amazing. I do enjoy the liquid lipsticks, but I do prefer the lipsticks more.

What items have you tried from this range? Are there any others worth checking out? have a lovely day and take care!



2 thoughts on “First Impressions of Revolution Pro

  1. I’ve tried a few items out for the the past few weeks and posted my review today too! I didn’t pick up any of the same ones though!
    I hadn’t realised freedom had been killed off in favour of revolution pro, I can see why though it never seemed to catch on in the same way and putting the name revolution on it makes sense!
    The lipsticks are next on my list to try, I’ll avoid those glitter shadows though I had been considering those!

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