30 Days of Makeup: Eyeshadow Bingo

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Hi everyone! How are you all today?

I included the Eyeshadow Bingo challenge in my 30 Days of Makeup challenge because it is still one of my favourite ways of exploring eye looks that I normally wouldn’t do.

The rules are to pick a palette with quite a few shadows and assign each shade a number. I use a bingo caller app on my phone to pick six shades at random, but you could pick numbers out of a jar. You then have to create a look using just those shades.


For my look today I used the Revolution Pro HD 35 Palette in Defiant. It has some really unusual colours, and I really hoped that the bright pink shade would have come up; I’ve wanted to create something with that since buying the palette. Unfortunately the bingo caller picked different shades.

My numbers were 3, 5, 15, 24, 33 and 35.

Left to Right: 5, 35, 24, 15, 33 and 3

Frankly, the colours looked like they would create a hot mess. I had olive tones, blues and lilacs as well as some coppers. However, I do think that the look turned out okay.


I used the black in my crease, and brightened it up by using the dark matte blue. I used the lilac shade across my lid. Along the lower lash line, I buffed out more black and the olive shade. In my inner corner I mixed the copper and pale silver. I also took this silver shade across my brow bone.

I teamed up the look with Charlotte Tilbury’s Night Crimson lipstick.

Although these weren’t shades that I would put together, the look worked out quite well in the end. Thank goodness!

What has been your favourite look so far? We’re almost halfway through the challenge. If you have been taking part, let me know; I’d love to see your own takes on the challenge.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!



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