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My Favourite Dark Nude


Hi guys, how are you all today?

When I was de-cluttering my makeup collection last month I discovered a fair few old favourites that I haven’t touched in a really long time.

I used to be obsessed with Smashbox lipsticks, but I stopped using them as I bought other things. Well, during the de-clutter of my makeup, I got rid of a lot of lipsticks. However most of my Smashbox collection survived.

This month, I have pretty much worn this one colour every day. It is the perfect darker nude if you want something natural, but still want that bit of colour on your lips. I think that I have found my favourite nude lipstick. And that is the shade Stylist. This is a matte lipstick, but does not feel drying on the lips at all. It feels so comfortable and lasts a really long time on the lips. Yes, it will transfer if you eat or drink something, but it’s such a gorgeous colour.

What is your favourite nude lipstick? Or have you rediscovered an old favourite?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


PS- Due to some financial stuff, I’ve had to stop my premium service to WordPress temporarily. However, as part of that I needed to delete some content. Everything from 2016 and under has had to go. This will make way for fresher content in the future, and I really didn’t want to delete this blog. I love this community so much.