Monthly Favourites

March Favourites


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

How fast did March go? I can’t believe it! This has definitely been the quickest month. A lot of stuff has happened this month, which I will mention in due time. However, today is about favourites. I have a lot of makeup items, and a few random ones.

I hope that you’re still enjoying the new schedule for posts. I’m finding it, personally, a lot easier to manage. Work has been busier lately so I was finding the daily post thing harder to manage. I am really enjoying the three days a week system that I have going at the moment; I feel that each post is getting more attention because it is on the home page longer, and I feel that I am creating more relevant content by actually taking the time to write things properly.

Wunderbrow Gel and Brush

I wanted to include these together because I only use this brush with this product. I really love how natural this product can make my brows, but it also fills them in. I absolutely love it. Although I have never really needed my brows to be waterproof, this does last all day and is sweat proof. The product works; believe the hype. The brush is also fantastic; the brush part is very stiff, which I find the easiest product to apply brow gels and pommades. The spoolie is just an average spoolie which I don’t use often, but I do love the brush part.

VO5 Damage Protect Primer Spray

I decided to start growing my hair longer a few months ago, and as part of this I have noticed that my hair is a lot thicker and prone to tangling. As I brush my hair it does tend to break and snap with all the tangles. I bought this to spray on my wet hair to prevent the breakages. This stuff works so well; I love it! I do spray this generously on my hair and give it a minute to set in. I then brush through my hair with my detangling brush, and the brush goes through much more smoother. This product has saved my hair. I will be repurchasing this more.

Roku Box

I love watching Netflix, but I can’t access it on my TV since Sky won’t provide an app for it with on the Sky Q system. I bought this Roku box to connect to the TV so that we can watch films and series’ on a bigger screen. This has made Netlflix so much more accessible and I feel like I am finally getting my money’s worth out of it again since moving in to the house. This is so worth the £30. It was so easy to set up, and I have loved it.

Colour Pop Dream St Palette

I have loved this. For such a tiny palette it is so adaptable. I have never worn the same look twice with this. The colours apply beautifully and last such a long time on the lids. I did a full review on this palette, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But I have continued to love this palette throughout the entire month.

ELF Matte Blush and Bronzer in Fiji

The blush shade in this duo is gorgeous. It applies so beautifully and looks so natural on the cheeks. It is impossible to go overboard with this colour. The bronzer I’m less keen on, but I have been using it for eyeshadow. It’s too orange to use as a bronzer for my skin tone. But I would buy this again just for that blush shade; it is stunning!


L’Oreal True Match Foundation

I decided to give this a go to try and save money on makeup this month. The foundation is beautiful and hasn’t caused any major breakouts. It is quite long-lasting but not as long lasting as my Bare Minerals foundation, which I will buy again next month. However, for a drugstore foundation, I have been really impressed. This has not oxidised on my skin and really has been a true match to my skin tone.

Dreamworks’ Sing

I found this DVD in our local shop and thought it would be funny. I was expecting it to be a very campy glee-like musical but it wasn’t. I loved it. The jokes are funny and there wasn’t so much singing to put Mark off. It was quite dark at times, which made me love it even more.

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Stylist

I have worn this lipstick pretty much every day this month. I am not even exagerrating! I have put other lipsticks on but took them off to swap it with this. The colour is beautiful; it’s that perfect deeper nude, and I find that it really suits my skin tone. It isn’t a very long lasting formula, but I honestly don’t care. The colour is that beautiful.

Monu Rosewood Revitalising Mist

I have been using this to get a more intense look with my shimmery shadows. This is much wetter than the Urban Decay All Nighter spray, so I find that it creates a more intense look. It’s a brilliant spray which I am tempted to buy again if it is cheap enough. I got this in a beauty box, so goodness how much the full size is!

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Audrey

And on the days where I haven’t gone nude, I wore this berry lipstick. The colour is beautiful. It’s really pigmented, but not too dark. If you are wanting to experiment with berry tones, this is a good starter. I love this formula so much; every single Nars lipstick I own is amazing. They justknow how to create a good matte lipstick.

And those are all of my favourites this month guys. What have been yours? I hope that you all have a lovely day, and take care.

Bye for now!