Is Old Makeup Really That Bad?


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

I was at my parent’s house the other day and noticed some old makeup, that knowing my mam, she would have taken off me but never used… yeah, there was a bag of lippies that still hadn’t been touched- there were still in the bag that I’d brought them over in two months ago.

So, whilst she was on holiday, I decided to ‘borrow’ some of my makeup back and give it another try. Some of this stuff is really old. And I mean, really really old! I bought that gold YSL mascara two years ago. So much for chuck out after 6 months! Whoopsie!

By the way, I will be giving these items back to my Mam. I know that she uses the palette still, sometimes. I just wanted to address today really whether out of date makeup really is that much of a sin?

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We’ve all seen those little pots on the side of our makeup with a number in them; the dreaded expiry date! These are supposed to tell us when to throw out our makeup and replace it with shiny new stuff. However, if you’re a makeup junkie, like me, you aren’t going to use up that eyeshadow palette in two years. I’ve got palettes that are almost ten years old in my collection! And yes, I keep my favourite mascara way past the 6-months mark.

I used all of these items, which are way past their expiration dates. I’ve had the Estee Lauder Light Stay-in-Place Foundation for nearly five years. When I poured it out the tube, yes it had separated slightly, but with a good few shakes and a mix on the hand, it was fine and still applied quite nicely. I haven’t had any nasty breakouts either.

As for the mascara on the other hand….. is it bad that it now lifts up the tube in one big lump? It also smelled very chemically. Probably not the greatest idea to apply this to my eyelids. I did get a bit of a watery eye after this, so that mascara went straight in the bin.

The other items were still fine and applied just as well as the day that I bought them. However, I will still return these to my Mam who will get more use out of them than myself.

My only advise when it comes to tossing old makeup, is if it smells like shit or has stuff growing on it, bin it. If it still looks good as new, keep it. I’ve always treat expiry dates as more of a guidance anyway.

How good are you guys at throwing out old, expired makeup?

Have a lovely day, and take care.