Rating my Current Foundations


As much as I have reduced my makeup collection, I do still manage to hoard a fair few things. I currently have eight foundations in my collection, and I only have one face. Surely one person cannot use this much foundation???

Well, I’m going to use this opportunity to rate all eight foundations; what I love about each of them, and which ones really do need to be thrown in the bin. Hopefully this will help me reduce my collection even further.

Revolution Pro Full Coverage Foundation

If you are looking for a cheap foundation that gives full coverage pretty quick, this is a really good option. However, I would suggest this more for oilier skin tones as on my dry skin this can cake up on dry patches. This is a very hit and miss foundation for me as there are days where this looks lovely, but others where it just isn’t my best friend. I will still keep this one and keep testing it out.

L’Oréal Infallible 24H

This is a full coverage foundation with a dewier finish. This is better for dryer skin as it feels more hydrating on the skin. However, it does feel quite heavy on the skin and can oxidise. It does apply better with a beauty sponge, but I still find this a very heavy, unflattering formula on my skin. Therefore, this one will be binned.

Bare Minerals Original

The Original foundation is a buildable coverage product. It’s an old faithful of mine which always applies nicely, and is the perfect every day foundation for low maintenance days. I don’t wear it as often as I used to, but it’s a great one to grab every now and again. I’m definitely keeping this one.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

These drops are a very dewy, medium coverage. I apply these with the brush that was released with the Bare Skin foundation, and it works really well to distribute the product evenly. This foundation looks like skin and doesn’t cake up in weird places. It isn’t the most long lasting but I do like it. I am keeping this one.

Maybelline Superstay 24H

Okay. everyone knows how I feel about this foundation. It oxidises like crazy on me and looks so heavy on the skin no matter what tools I use to apply it. This was so hyped up on YouTube too, and it really doesn’t work on my skin. This is getting binned; honestly, I should have got rid of it ages ago.

L’Oréal True Match

This is quite a light, liquidy formula that gives a medium coverage finish. This does have the tendency to look a little yellow on me at times, however it isn’t too bad. It’s more of a Summer foundation where I do tend to have more yellow pigment in my skin. I do like this foundation and will keep it for the Summer, or to mix into other pink formulas.

Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid

After months of trying out drugstore foundations, I finally repurchased my old favourite; I could finally afford it again! This is such a thin formula but gives a nice medium to full coverage without the cake face. I find that it doesn’t sit in fine lines and all my powder products sit nicely on top of it. It is one the longest lasting foundations that I own; I absolutely love it. I guess that means I’ll be keeping this one then!

Max Factor Healthly Skin Harmony

This one I actually had to stop using. It gives a really nice full coverage finish without caking the face in a lot of product. It gives a nice, healthy dewy finish which I really like. The downfall is…. it broke me out really bad! I got blemishes in places that I rarely get blemishes. It was so weird! So, unfortunately, even though I love this foundation, it needs to go on a journey.

So those are my opinions on the foundations currently in my collection. I’m keeping five of the original eight, which does cut it down slightly. What are your thoughts on any of these foundations; are they your holy grails, or did you bin them after one use?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!