Skin Care

Skincare Heroes I Swear By

Hi everyone! How are you all today?

Today I wanted to step back from the makeup and give credit to the items that help my skin look awesome. If you look after your skin your makeup does apply a lot easier.

I don’t use a lot of skincare, and I really don’t cycle through new products very often; once I find something that works, I will religiously stick with it. Some of these products you may recognise if you have followed me for a while.

All of these products are my ride or die skincare which I will repurchase again; some of these I am already on my fifth or sixth pot. These products truly are amazing.

Body Shop Hemp Face Protector

I have used this for so long, and it is the best face cream that I have ever used. I get really dry and sensitive skin, and this is one of the few creams that eliminates the dry patches on my cheeks and around my eyes. It is such a gorgeous, thick formula that soaks into the skin and works it’s magic. I can’t believe that this only costs £8; it is worth so much more.

Decleor Aroma Cleansing Milk

I know the tube says something different but this is the cleanser. I fill this tube up with the large one at my Mam’s house every time that I run out. I will purchase a big bottle eventually. This product is beautiful to use on an evening after you have removed your makeup. I don’t use moisturiser on a night, but I feel like this gives some moisture back to my skin. It’s a really lovely nourishing cleanser that does an awesome job at removing any final traces of makeup on the skin. It smells amazing too.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

This body butter smells amazing! I love the smell of Aloe Vera, so I just really love smelling this as I rub it into my skin. This is amazing to apply after a bath, and I concentrate this more on my legs, which tend to get quite dry and flaky. I’ve started using this three times a week and I have noticed a huge difference to my skin on my legs. It’s a gorgeous body butter, and I will buy this again. However a little product goes a long way, so it may be a while.

Body Shop Camomile Oil Cleanser

This is the best oil cleanser on the market in my opinion. It does an awesome job at breaking down the makeup and removing it gently. It even removes waterproof mascara without destroying the few lashes that I have left. It smells amazing and it does help moisturise my skin too. I use this religiously every night, as does Mark; it’s one of the few things that can clean his hands after work. He’s a welder and does come home pretty grimy at times.

L’Ocean Ultra Concentrated Caviar Eye Serum

I have used this every morning since receiving it in a beauty box. It feels so gentle under my eyes and really helps reduce the fine lines under there. A tiny amount of product goes a long way and there is still half of the bottle left. I know that this is quite expensive, but I will need to buy this again once it runs out. It is one of the few eye creams that doesn’t create a weird dry patch on my face.

Blistex Medplus Lip Balm

I get extremely dry lips and this is a brilliant lip balm to apply on a night. It’s too thick to apply during the day, but I find that it has soaked into the lips through the night and leaves a lovely base for lipstick in the morning. This really helps heal cracks and dry patches; it is such a cheap prodct and worth every penny if you do suffer from dry lips.

Body Shop Hemp Lip Balm

I use this on a morning to prep my lips ready for liquid lipsticks. This adds a lot of moisture to my lips without being too thick. It doesn’t smell great, but it works. I have bought about three of these by now, and it is one of my favourite lip balms that I feel do not dry out my lips.

Bare Minerals Dirty Detox Mud Mask

I’ve had this for just over a year now, and I’ve only just hit pan. I use this every two weeks and it is amazing! I find that this does just a brilliant job at cleaning out the gunk in my skin and my skin always feels lovely after it’s taken off. I do leave this on longer than the recommended 15 minutes, but I love it. It’s one of the few masks that I feel has skincare benefits. So if this is still available, I will by it again.

Those are all of my skincare heroes. Do you use any of these, or are there any other skincare items that you swear by?

I hope that you’re all having a lovely day, and I will see you next time.

Bye for now!