A Really Big Decision


Hi everyone, how are you?

This is something that I have been thinking about for the past few months. I am potentially going to have a gastric band inserted to help me lose weight.

My weight is something that I have struggled with for years. Me and my Mam both joined weight watchers at the same time, and since I lived at home at the time we ate the same diet as part of that. Mam dropped from a size 16 to a 10 after a year. I was still a size 20. I seemed to lose and re-lose the same 5lb over and over again.

When you’re told all these success stories, and you see it working on others in the class, it does get frustrating, and I constantly wondered what the hell I was doing differently. I was so strict on myself; even after moving in with Mark, I stayed strict on myself… but nothing worked.

Near the end, where I gave up on Weightwatchers I did go to the doctors and broke down in tears in front of this poor male doctor who really didn’t know how to react to a crying woman in his office. His response was to tell me to keep trying; the usual trope of “It’s better if weight comes off slowly.” My weight wasn’t coming off slowly, it was clinging on for dear life and winning!

However in this appointment, he did mention surgery as an option. I didn’t think it was an option at the time, but over the past few months, I have thought about it more.

I’ve been doing my research and looked into the different forms of weightloss surgery, and I know the risks involved, but at this point I firmly think that it is the only option left to me. My BMI is 41 and I have felt myself getting tireder and more exhausted whilst out walking. I just don’t feel myself. I even hate photos that other people have taken of me because I lose so fat and I feel so ugly.

The road to surgery sounds like a long one involving this seminar, meetings with psychologists and an attempt to lose some weight prior to surgery however I am willing to stick with it for the long-term benefits. It is great that they don’t just rush into the surgery, and ensure that the people that they perform this procedure on aren’t just looking for a quick fix.

I made another appointment at my GP, a female doctor this time, and made her aware of what I’d been thinking and my struggle to lose weight naturally through diet and exercise. She has referred me to the Bariatric Service for the group seminar session.I will document each step along the way. For now, I wanted to share some bits that I have found out from my own research.

Do you know anyone who has had weightloss surgery, or have you had it yourself?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



Websites I found to be helpful:

Obesity Coverage



There were other site, however these were the ones that I found to be the most helpful.