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Spring Cleaning my Makeup


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

When I tidied my beauty room, I decided to sort out some of my makeup drawers. All the containers were purchased from B&M, and they’re the perfect size for the drawers. I used the opportunity to get rid of anything that I wasn’t using. In the case of the lipstick drawer, this meant I had a huge gap at the back of the container. To stop everything falling over, I placed a few smaller palettes to keep everything upright. No doubt that this box will fill up again, and these palette can be placed in their correct home.


On the top of the dressing table I have all of my brushes (which desperately need cleaning) and my current everyday items. I also have all my liquid lipsticks up here in a bid to try and use them up. I didn’t want them lying in the drawer because you can’t really see them, and they get forgotten. At least on display I will be tempted to use them up a bit more.

I also love how I have my lip liners and eye liners. My Mam recently gave me loads of coffee jars that she no longer needed, so I put them to use. I have a fair few as tealight holders, and I kept two for my makeup items. Again, now that they are on top of the drawers, I may use them more.


What do you think of my current set out? How do you have your dressing tables laid out if you have one?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.