Redecorating My Bedroom



My parents recently got a redecorating bug and decided to give each room a makeover. My room was last on the list. I did have ‘some’ say in how I wanted it to look, but most decisions were made by my Mam. I don’t mind. It’s their house and I will one day have my own to decorate how I see fit.

I wanted to keep my room quite light, and I did fancy blue wallpaper and bedding. My Mam did keep these in mind, and has used a lot of wood in the furniture.


My old wooden flooring has been replaced by a carpet, which will be welcome in the colder months, and my old fitted wardrobe has been removed, and will eventually be replaced by a free-standing wardrobe.

Where my old wardbrobe used to be, I now use this space for my dressing table. I get a fair amount of light from my window without being blinded on a super hot day.



I actually really like the ceiling, which my dad picked. It gives my room a bit more of a homely country cottage feel.

There is definitely a long way to go, but my bedroom is certainly on the way to looking amazing. I love the changes.

I can’t wait for everything to be finished; it’ll look awesome. And I will be posting photos of the finished bedroom once I get my wardrobe and lights fitted.

Have a nice day guys!