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TK Maxx Bargains| Something that I Didn’t Expect to Find

A trip into TK Maxx can either be an amazing experience or a disappointment. I have gotten a fair amount of high end makeup there for a fraction of the price. You have got to be willing to rake and check that you haven’t picked up a broken palette. You’re not supposed to open the packaging, but people apparently do.

When I went into the Metro Centre’s TK Maxx the other day I caught site of this Marc Jacobs product underneath some Makeup Forever eyelashes. This is the very hyped up Light Filtering Contour Powder. I have seen so many Youtubers rave about this and I always told myself that if I went back to New York, I would treat myself. However, here it was in TK Maxx of all places!

This cost me a total of £29 which is a fraction of the usual £35. And what made it even better; it was in pristine condition.

This really is worth the hype. It was so soft and applied to my cheekbones really flawlessly. As for the banana powder this did an amazing job at setting my under-eye concealer. It’s such a lovely product, and I’m really glad that I found it at TK Maxx.

What has been your favourite TK Maxx bargain lately?

Have a lovely day.