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I Made Something Useful


I have developed quite a thick neck as I’ve gotten older so a lot of my necklaces feel a bit uncomfortable or quite tight these days.

I really wanted to wear this cute necklace for a date a few weeks ago, but it’s way too small for me now. Therefore I had a bit of a brain-wave and got my jewellery making kit out.

I used a small length of wire with some necklace clasps and clear beads to create a necklace extender. These do exist however I didn’t know this at the time.

I did find that the clear beads acted as an anchor to the back of my neck, keeping the necklace in place all night, which was an added bonus. I always hate it when the clasp goes on a journey. It’s quite annoying!

Therefore, I’m thinking about selling these on Ebay. They’re quite cheap to make and I think that they would really come in handy for a lot of people.

Is this something that you would buy? Let me know.

Have a lovely day guys!