Youtube Made me Buy It Part 1


Hi guys, how are you today?

I can’t believe that I have never done this post before…. at least I’m almost 99% convinced that I haven’t done it before.  If I’m wrong, I’m sure that you will let me know.

Youtube plays a massive part in what we choose to buy these days. If a beauty guru we respect says it’s an awesome product, one of their go-to items, of course you’re going to buy it!

These are some of my makeup purchases that were made because of the hype on Youtube. There were so many that I did need to split this into two parts. Part 2 will come out later in the month.

Ofra Liquid Lipsticks

In the past year, I have heard so much about Ofra’s products; especially their liquid lipsticks and highlighters. I have three of the liquid lipsticks because of Youtube recommendations from Manny MUA, Nikkie Tutorials and Kathleen Lights. The colours are stunning, but the formula is okay. They’re not my favourite liquid lipsticks; that is a tossup between Bourjois and Kat Von D; but they’re not the worst ones that I’ve tried. I find the formula can be quite drying on me and the colour flakes away after a while.

ABH Subculture

This was purchased because I couldn’t believe that a product could be so universally hated by most of the big Youtubers. I think the only moderately good review was from Kathleen Lights. I do enjoy this palette; I love the colour selection and the pigment is really strong in it. However it is really powdery and it gets messy quickly. I understand where people were coming from with their complaints, but I don’t think that a looser pigment in a palette makes this a bad product. If that does put you off however, there are cheaper dupes out there now.

Clarins Lip Oil

I started seeing Zoella and In The Frow mentioning these a lot last year. They are supposed to increase your lip hydration over time, and these ladies swear by them. I love the way that they make my lips look for a while, but I haven’t noticed my lips getting any more hydrated and less dry. It does exactly the same thing as a £1 lip balm from Boots. I didn’t think that this was worth the money.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

This was bought under the recommendation of Shelbey Ashburn. Back in the day, she used to do a lot of Bare Minerals tutorials and swore by this foundation. Her skin always looks amazing so I thought that it would be worth a go. Five years later and I still use this. It is an amazing foundation, and I can always trust it to look natural on my skin.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Ultimate Palette

There was so much hype for this when it first came out. Every Youtuber sang it’s praises, and the shade range looked amazing. I use this for transition shades only. The pans have started to go quite hard on it, so I don’t use it as much as I used to, but I used to love this, and mixing it with other palettes.

Chanel Soleil de Tan Bronzer

This was recommended by Fleur de Force, Jaclyn Hill and Zoella. This bronzer looks really natural on me; so natural that I can only get away with it in the Winter. When my skin has a bit more colour on it, it doesn’t show up. All the same though, this is an amazing product that blends out really nicely and looks stunning on the skin.

Nars Eyeshadow Duos

Everybody loves Nars eyeshadows. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about them. I did originally buy Isolde on a recommendation from Zoella though. The shades are beautiful and they genuinely last such a long time on the lids. I love them! These actually take up quite a lot of space in my small palettes drawer; I have that many.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise

Welcome to the most hyped up mascara of 2017! Jessica Braun and Tati both swear by this mascara. It’s okay, by I do find it a little tricky to use since my eyelashes are that tiny. It’s a great dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, but I can think of other mascaras that I prefer over this one.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

Thank you Anna Edit, Zoella and Hannah Maggs for starting this obsession! These are some of the loveliest lipsticks that I own. I have a fair few of the mattes and the cream formulas. They are all beautiful and do last a long time. I do find that the matte ones can cling to dry patches, but if you use a lip scrub and balm before hand, you’re usually okay in this regard.

Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter

This was hyped up a lot by Tati. She swears by this product as one of her favourite highlighters from 2017. As you know, I really didn’t get on with this. I found it powdery and it didn’t show up that well on my cheeks. Even scraping away the top layer didn’t work that well; I got a touch more pigment, but it wasn’t what I expected.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter Eyeshadow

These are stunning! I first got introduced to these by Jaclyn Hill and Tati, and they were not kidding about how amazing these are. I can trust these to last all day and they really add a pop to any eye look. These made me love glitter eyeshadows.

So that is part one over and done with. I will post part two near the end of the month.

What has Youtube made you buy?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!