Affordable Products that I Actually Like


Hi everyone, how are you all at the moment?

I can’t believe that we’re halfway through February already. This month has gone by so quickly.

Since I didn’t really do a proper yearly favourites this year, today I wanted to share some of my current more affordable makeup and skincare items. Some of these, older subscribers may remember from really old posts. However, I love them for a reason. That’s why they are still here three years later.

So without further ado, let’s get on with it!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks

These have been some of my favourite lippies as of late. The formula is so comfortable and they last a really long time on the lips without needing to top them up. The colour range is beautiful and I can’t wait to see what other shades they add to the range.

Tea Tree Witch Hazel Facial Scrub

Both me and Mark use this religiously once a week. I tend to get quite oily at this time of the year, which can develop a few spots around my nose. I use this to clear out my pores and prevent a horrible spotty breakout. Mark gets really clogged pores through work, and I have noticed a difference in his skin since he started using this. It’s a really gentle, yet hard-working facial scrub. It’s definitely worth checking out if you do have sensitive skin like me.

Maybelline Mascaras

Maybelline have created some awesome mascaras lately. I have been going between the Gigi Hadid fibre mascara and the total temptations at the moment. Both give very fluttery yet full looking lashes. If you cannot afford some of the other similar higher end mascaras at the moment, definitely grab either one of these. They are amazing.

Body Shop Chamomile Oil Cleanser

I have lost track over how many bottles that I have purchased of this over the years. Why pay more when a £10 product works better than something that costs £25? This smells amazing and breaks down even waterproof makeup really easily. Plus, if you have a guy that deals with a lot of oil in your house, this makes an awesome hand wash for them.

Eyelure x Fleur de Force Brow Gel

I have been going quite natural with my brows lately, and running the tinted mascara through my brows. I haven’t even used pencil or anything. This gives such a lovely effect to my brows that I don’t feel the need to go the full hog with my lashes at the moment. But this is nearly running out, so I will need to repurchase this again soon.

Models Own Sculpt and Glow Bronzer

I’ve actually hit pan on a bronzer! This bronzer is gorgeous for sculpting and giving a bit of colour to the face. It blends out flawlessly and looks so natural. I love this product a lot, although I do think that I need a lighter shade for the Winter. This one is a tad dark at the moment.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

If you do want an affordable liquid lipstick that doesn’t transfer, go for these. They feel so comfortable on the lips and the colour range is amazing. The applicator is a lovely shape, which helps applying evenly really easy. I love the nudes the best because hey apply really pigmented, however that doesn’t stop me reaching for the red tones occasionally.

Sure Antibacterial Deodorant Spray

I wasn’t going to include a deodorant, but why not? This is by far my favourite anti-perspirant ever. This does such a great job and reducing sweaty smells if I’ve been working out or just having a rather sweaty day. This works quickly and smells quite nice. Plus, it’s dead cheap!

Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes

Barry M really doesn’t get enough hype for it’s eyshadow palettes. I think the quality is gorgeous and does match some of the more expensive drugstore brands in quality. I have three of their palettes at the moment, and they are stunning to work with. The shade range is beautiful, and they blend effortlessly. I do use Meteor Storm the most, but I would recommend any of their palettes if you fancy a cheap treat.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes

Sticking with the theme of palettes, I also love Makeup Revolutions eyeshadow palettes. They are stunning! The quality is amazing, and you get so much product for your money. The Soph Does Nails palette is gorgeous and still one of my most reached for palettes. Every single palette that I have tried from here has been a joy to work with, and they do have a lot of dupes for more expensive palettes.

Models Own Hydra Gel Nail Polish

I have mentioned these polishes in the past, so I won’t harp on too much. These are still some of my favourite nail polishes. The shade range is phenomenal and they dry really quickly.

Zoeva Makeup Brushes

Finally, I wanted to include some brushes. Yes, Zoeva brushes can work out quite expensive if you buy the kits. However, individually they are quite affordable. I used to use a lot of MAC brushes, however I find the Zoeva ones a lot softer and they blend makeup a lot easier. These are still some of my favourite brushes in my collection.

So those are some current favourite affordable items in my makeup and skincare collection. What sort of products do you love that are less pricey than others?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.