Recommended Drugstore Products


With the school year well and truly on it’s way, I wanted to share some of my current favourite drugstore items that are truly worth purchasing. If you are looking to treat yourself to some new makeup, here are the few things that I would suggest buying.


ELF Mint Lip Scrub

I use this every morning to prepare my lips for lipstick. It gets rid of all the dead skin ensuring that my lipstick wont look strange in places. I love the fact that this is in a lipstick form rather than a pot. I actually hate the feel of the sugar under my nails from the tradional lip scrubs. This one is much better, and tastes amazing too.


Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette

I don’t know if this is technically drugstore, but it is quite affordable for the amount of product you get. I’m including it anyway. The pigment in these shadows are some of the best that I have ever seen. There is a mix of neutrals and colour so it will suit any look that you wanted to do. This is such a gorgeous palette; definitely get it if you can afford the £28.


L’Oreal Lash Paradise

By far, the best voluminous mascara at the drugstore! This is perfect for day-to-day looks as well as evening looks; perfect for freshers week. Out of every mascara, I would recommend this, although it is quite tricky to coat your lower lashes.


ELF Lavender Primer

This has been the only primer that I have used in recent months. It gives so much life to dull skin, which mine has been lately. I absolutely love this primer and I reckon that it would be great for students who may have been out the night before and want to give a bit more life to their skin.


No7 Life & Luminate

And as for a foundation that will give your skin new life…. this is the perfect foundation. Yes, it is an anti-aging formula but it looks beautiful. It gives a nice natural glow to the skin and leaves you looking healthy. You may look like shit on that early Monday lecture, but atleast your skin won’t show it!


Avon Make Your Mark Cheek Duo

When you’re on a budget multi-tasking products are a must. This is a highlighter and blush. There is a fair selection of shades and Avon’s makeup is blummin’ cheap for great quality stuff.


No7 Shimmer Palette

This is another product that could double up as something else. This is a highlighter, but it has different shades within it so it could be used for eyeshadow. This gives a beautiful glow to the skin without going over the top. This is definitely one of my current favourite highlighters at the moment.


Essence Lash Princess

Where the Lash Paradise is for the upper lashes, Lash Princess is my recommendation for the lower ones. This doesn’t smudge and looks really pretty once applied. At £3.50 you can’t go wrong with this formula. It gives very lovely fluttery lashes.


No7 Gel Effect Nail Polish

Okay, I know nail polish isn’t an essential but I had to include it here because it is genuinely a drugstore product that I have been loving lately. This is the shade Flammable; a rich egg plant shade perfect for Autumn. I love this colour a lot, and I probably would have worn this shade a lot as a student. I wore quite a few dark shades on my nails back then.