What’s in my Travel Bag?


As you’re reading this I’ll already be in Rome. And today I wanted to share the makeup items that I plan on taking with me to Rome. On holiday, I like to take makeup that I trust to last on my skin; stuff that I have tried and tested over a long period of time.

As luggage space is going to be tight, I’m not going to take a lot of makeup; just a few essential items.


For skincare all I plan on taking is my Body Shop Hemp Face Protector and L’Ocean Caviar Eye Serum. These have been my ride or die products for a really long time now. They work really well together and makeup sit really well on top of them. The face cream does apply quite thick, but if you use a small amount it blends in really easily and can double up as a primer.


I finally repurchased my favourite foundation, the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid. I love the coverage of this and the formula is really thin. It lasts such a long time on the skin; I’m not sure how it will perform in very hot climates, but I’m going to take the risk. This also has an SPF of 20, which will hopefully come in handy abroad. I wear the shade Natural, which does have enough warmth to it to look nice when I have a tan.

As for concealer, I am still using the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer religiously. This just applies so beautifully under my eyes. It is one of the few products that doesn’t crease in my fine lines. At the moment I am using the shade C6, which matches the foundation perfectly.

To set everything, I am taking my well used CYO Meet Your Matte powder. I love this powder; it sets everything beautifully without giving a cakey complexion. It’s so soft. By the time I come back from Rome however, I may need to repurchase this as I’ve already hit pan!

Blush, Bronzer and Highlight

I didn’t want to take loads of blushers with me. When I go on holiday, I tend to take just the one blush, and I always pick a coral shade. The Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blush in Peachy Keen is the only new product that I bought for the trip, however I have used it a lot in the week before flying, and I love the colour. It’s so natural, but a really pretty, holiday shade. You can actually layer these up quite a bit and still not look like a clown. One day, I will buy a few more shades, but I love Peachy Keen.

It will come as no surprise that I plan on taking the CYO When the Sun Don’t Shine Bronzer. I love the colour of this bronzer! yes, it can look a tad orange if you over-use it, but applied softly it gives a subtle hint of warmth to the skin. The colour will also look beautiful once I get a bit of a tan.

As for highlighter, the shade apricot from ELF’s Baked Highlighter range goes beautifully with the blush that I’m taking. It’s such a subtle highlight, but you can build it up really easily.


I’ve been going very natural with my brows lately; I just can’t be bothered with the whole pencil grooming routine at the moment. If I want a bit of colour to my brows, I just run a brow mascara through them. For Rome, I plan on packing my Lancôme Sourcil Styler. I love this product for a very feathered yet semi-groomed brow. It catches every hair and gives you time to work the product how you want through the hairs.

For eyeshadow, I am taking one of the most compact palettes in my collection. The Soph x Revolution palette is beautiful. It has a wide range of shades and the palette doesn’t take up much room. I love this palette a lot, and I can hopefully create a fair few looks with this and not get bored.

For mascara, I am taking the Maybelline Total Temptations mascara. This is a really buildable formula without giving me clumpy looking lashes. It’s just a really nice mascara for both the upper and lower lashes.


As for lips, I’m only taking three products, which might seem excessive for a four day trip! However I like options! A trip abroad wouldn’t be complete for me without a bright orange-red lipstick. This time, I’m taking Nars’ Audacious lipstick in Lana. For a nude lip, I’ve chose Bare Minerals Gen Nude Lipstick in Mantra, which is a pretty corally nude; it’s so pretty. I’m going to take one gloss to wear during the day; Nars Dolce Vita Lipgloss. This would layer really nicely over the Lana lipstick, but it also packs a punch on it’s own.

And that is everything that I plan on taking with me to Rome. If I changed my mind on any items, I will let you know, however I’m pretty confident that this will be the final layout. Last week I planned on taking these items…..


…. so yeah, things may change again!

What makeup do you tend to wear on holiday? Please let me know.

Have a lovely day, and take care everyone.